Why’d I cancel my Netflix subscription? Oh yeah, I’m broke.

Since working at the pub I’ve become rubbish at being on my own. I used to NEED to be on my own and actually not make plans at least one night at the weekend so I could be by myself. I’ve been off since Saturday and I’m just like….ahhh. So lonely and bored and nothing to offer the world!

You’re in a mess when being at work is your social life.

You’re in a mess when being at work is your social life.

Who and how and why.

Liverpool airport, as usge. Maxine should be having this farewell scene with Dennis though :(

Paddy’s panicking!

Ballsy Maxine. Come back to us!


I can’t wait till we see Maxine in a short skirt, cleavage, long flowing hair, eyeliner like daggers and lipstick the colour of Patrick’s spilled blood.

I hope Blessing’s going to get some of this dollar!

Ya jock. Lol.

I know the Maxine and Paddy storyline is really frustrating to watch but….it’s good.

It’s kind of fitting that they brought Andy Moss back to be a dickhead to Cindy…seen as Rhys was such a dickhead in his last months anyway.

I know someone who “went on a date” with Daddy Lomax and shared some spoilers!

Hiiii guys!!!!!